First and foremost, I am an engineer, love building things. I currently happen to be working as a Machine Learning Engineer as it’s awesome and I am good at it, but even when not working you could find me writing code, tweaking a circuit board, or building a city in a video game. I also read a lot of books and ride a motorcycle which I love talking about to anyone who would listen.

I come from a farming family and therefore believe in getting your hands dirty to achieve anything. It’s very important to do it yourself to be able to learn anything and that is one of my objectives through this website, both for its reader and myself.

I hope the content you find here is not a mere passive read but an active effort that prompts you to try it yourself or allows you to think deeper about topics. I have always found that engineers are some of the most helpful and resourceful individuals.

As the famous quote goes, “standing on the shoulders of giants,” engineers build upon the work of those who came before them to make remarkable advancements in their fields.

Work Histroy

  • 2022-Present, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, QuantumBlack
  • 2021-2022, Machine Learning Engineer/Product Owner, GSK
  • 2019-2021, Machine Learning Engineer, Wells Fargo
  • 2017-2019, Engineer, CGI

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